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The No Sweat Intro

Everybody and every body's different - so is your story. We believe the key to building a welcoming community and to your success lays in getting to know you. We start everyone off with a free introduction, led by one of our experienced coaches. Sign up for your No Sweat Intro!

We will chat about what you want to achieve and how Torva can provide you with the tools you want and need to be successful. No prep work or anything needed, show up in regular clothes and chat.

Totally free, no commitment, no sweat.


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What We'll Accomplish

Get to Know You

We use our No Sweat Intro to learn about you, your past experiences with fitness, what motivates you, what makes you nervous, and learn what you enjoy doing.

Understand Your Goals

We want to find out what your health and fitness goals are so we can help you find the best ways to reach them.

… it’s okay if your goal is to have a hot bod.

Measurable Baseline

Together we will chart the course for meeting your goals and will establish methods to check-in on and celebrate your progress.

Make a Plan

We join you in creating a plan to meet your individual goals. We know health is complicated, and we’ll get it all sorted out.

Build Your Confidence in Us

While we are confident we will have a positive impact on your health, we want to sit down and show you the Torva way.

Sign Up for your No Sweat Intro

Grab a time and come on in! No prep work, no stress, no nothing. Just bring you, you're good enough.

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