Torva Run

What is running to you? For some of you, running is your primary sport; for some, a complement to your overall fitness routine; and for many, a complete stress-inducer. Regardless of your relationship with running, it is a great indicator of overall health and wellbeing.

So, what is Torva Run? Torva Run is an 8-week course designed to improve the running of everyone from beginners to weekend racers! Take a look at the details:

  • Three running workouts per week with (1) a short interval workout, (2) a long interval workout, and (3) a long run/tempo workout.

  • The course can be taken completely online, or you can join us every Saturday at Torva for one of the runs, with the other two completed on your own schedule. 

  • Torva Run begins April 6th (which leads right into Murph!) and the 8-week course is $79.

What's stopping you? Whether you feel you've peaked in running and are looking to get to the next level or if you're looking to make running generally less taxing, you will find Torva Run is exactly what you need. And, and if you're saying one of the following, it is all the more of a reason to sign-up and get your run on!

  • "I'm too slow."
  • "I've already got it all figured out."
  • "Running and I don't get along."
  • "I want to take my running performance to the next level."
  • "This is my worst nightmare."
  • "Running is my bread and butter, but my progress has slowed."