What It’s About

CrossFit - much more than a group fitness class! CrossFit is the synthesis of individual coaching in a group setting. Our workouts are different each day and can be scaled or altered to fit each person's fitness level. Have questions about CrossFit? Check out our FAQs.

  • 1 Hour Coached Group Classes
  • The Most Effective Program In The World
  • Functional Fitness (Real Life Movements)
  • High Intensity (Heart Rate Goes Up)
  • Constantly Varied (Different Everyday)

Personal Training

What It’s About

It’s more than one-on-one time with a coach. It’s someone who learns and gives you what you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

  • The Most Direct Path To Results
  • 1-On-1 Coaching
  • Individual Program Based on Your Goals
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Regular Goal Setting

CrossFit Kids

What It’s About

It is never too early to start fitness! Our youth programs focus on motor skills, strength and stability, while promoting teamwork and camaraderie.

  • Fun, Engaging Activities
  • Designed to Grow a Love of Fitness
  • Focused of Paper Form and Movement
  • Will Build Confidence and Social Skills
  • Research Shows Improvements in the Classroom

Specialty Programs

What It’s About

We offer a variety of classes and programs. Our coaches teach programs they have excelled and specialized in or classes that members request.

  • Improve on Desired Skills
  • Adds Variety to Regular Programming
  • Short Term Commitment, often 4-8 Weeks
Examples of specialty programs we have held include: Running, Weightlifting, Obstacle Course Racing, Strength


What It’s About

It all starts with nutrition. What fuels our body determines how our body operates. We'll help you figure out the best fuel for your body and how to best accomplish healthy eating habits.

  • 2 Registered Dietitians and 2 Accountability Coaches
  • Personalized Nutrition Guide Based on Your Goals
  • Our Meal Builder for the Right Foods
  • Access to our Exclusive Nutrition Facebook Group
  • Continued Check-ins and Goal Setting
Nutrition Pyramid for CrossFit. Starts with Nutrition at the base and moves to Sport at the Pyramid's apex.