Can I do CrossFit if I’m Overweight?

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Maybe you’re taken a peek at the craze of CrossFit before but are unsure if you can do it because you’ve got some weight to lose.  Maybe you’ve wondered “Can I do CrossFit if I’m overweight?”.

A quick search of the internet shows CrossFit gyms filled with toned and lean bodies.  If you get passed that, you see images of these six-packs doing acrobatics on the gymnastic rings and putting 1000 pounds over head on a barbell.  

“There’s no way I can do this”.

Well actually, YOU CAN!

This isn’t a good representation of a normal CrossFit gym.  In fact, the number one reason people start CrossFit at Torva is because they want to lose body fat.  

Girl on Bike, Can I do CrossFit If I'm Overweight?

CrossFit is the best weight loss program in the world!

Your current fitness level as nothing to do with “can I do CrossFit?” because everyone can.  Each workout is scaled to the ability of client by an experienced coach.  

Can’t do a pull-up? Use a resistance band. That doesn’t work for you right now? Do a body row. Not there yet?  Pull yourself up from seated to a box.  It’s not WHERE you start, it’s IF you start. 

We start with a 15-minute chat called a “No-Sweat” Intro before you even hit the gym floor.  This allows us to learn more about you and your goals.   Then we help you pick the program that will lead to your success story.

Learn more about “No-Sweat” Intro’s here

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