Overcoming Adversity

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Your Personal Guide To Obstacles

Adversity is something we’ve all faced.  It can show itself in many different lights.  It could be a large hurdle at work, it could be an unexpected finical hit, or it could be an injury.  

We hear the phrase “overcoming adversity” a lot.  It’s almost a cliché now but there’s real power in doing so.  

There are somethings in life that you have no control over.  Other things you did have some control over but now it’s done and in the past.  Either way, there is one thing you do have control over.  How you react. 

When faced with adversity, it’s east to shut down.  It’s easy to eat poorly and skip the gym because you’ve got bigger problems to deal with.  Will that make you feel better?  Will that solve the problem?

The best way to face adversity it with tenacity.  Refuse to let the problem hold you down.

Now I realize this is easier said that done.  This is a simple solution to what can be a big problem, but it can be done if you consciously work on it. 

Here are some tips to help when facing adversity.

  • Write down the problem. Write down the first action you can take to begin to overcome it.  If you know them, write down the next steps as well. 
  • Don’t let it shake your mood.  Emotion is hard to control sometimes but your mindset can really impact how this process goes. You do have control. 
  • Stick to your routine.  Get your workout in.  Eat some good, clean meals.  Spend time with friends. 
  • If you feel like you just can’t get passed the issue, it’s ok to ask for help! 

I hope you rarely have to use any of this but if you do, you can make it happen!  Take action! 

Coach J.J.