Habits – The Good, The Bad, and the 100 Days

J.J. Blog

I read a lot about habits.  How to get people to kick bad habits.  What the habits are of the most successful people.  What the keys are to really good eating habits.  It’s a popular word.

When it comes to fitness there are two groups of people.  There are those for whom fitness is a habit and those who aren’t quite there yet.

Those who have fitness as habit don’t have to think about it.  Working out, eating well, getting sleep. It’s just as much a part of life as taking a shower or making coffee in the morning.

If you’re not that person, this is tough.  You have to actively make these decisions everyday.

So how do you make it a habit?  It’s not going to be easy.  Most literature says it takes about 100 days for a habit to really set in.

Here’s the best path to making fitness a habit.

  1. Plan it.  Everyday.  Whether you do it in your phone or in a planner, make an appointment.  Gym time, food prep, stretching.  All of it.
  2. Get a partner or a coach and tell them your goals of creating the habit.  Stress the importance of this 100 day stretch!
  3. MINDSET.  Only you can make this happen so MAKE IT HAPPEN!  Commit yourself and let nothing else get in the way!

After 100 days, you’ll start to notice that you don’t have to try to make it happen.  It’s apart of who you are.  You can now focus on building another positive habit in your life!

Coach J.J.