The Decision Map

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We all fight to stay on track and hold ourselves accountable.  However, the problem is that we usually don’t fall off the wagon in one large action.

In reality, it’s usually a collection of small decisions that eventually lead to the us facing the complete wrong direction.

“Should I do the last set of reps?” can turn into “Should I go to the gym today?”, which becomes “Do I really need a gym membership?”, and then we’re asking “do I want to even exercise at all anymore?”

Before we talk about those small decisions, let’s establish an idea.

Take out a piece of paper.  Draw a circle and in the middle write “where I am”.

Now draw another circle anywhere else on the paper and write “where I want to be”.  You can even right some goals in that circle such as “lose 2 pant sizes” or “set a personal record 5k run”.

This is your decision map. Let’s take it for a spin.

“Should I go to the gym today?”  Take a look your map.  Does your answer lead you to your goal?

Let’s say your answer was “I’ll go tomorrow”.  Draw a line from your “Where I am” circle that goes just below the “Where I want to be Circle”  like the one below.

Decision Map

Notice that while the lines is close now, eventually it will lead further and further away from your goals.

You can use the decision map with goal outside the gym as well.  It reminds you of where you want to be and how even the smallest decisions can bump you off track and eventually derail your plans.

If you do make a map and want to hold yourself even more accountable, post it on social media so your community can help you on your path.  Tag me @texas_jj and @CrossFitTorva so I can see how you did!

Coach J.J.