This May Be A Bit Of A Stretch – Simple Stretching

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Stretching. It’s probably furthest away from the cool movements out there. But what may be considered the lame part of a workout routine is probably the most instrumental to your daily well being and wellness.

There are numerous benefits of stretching and while I could get really scientific about them, I will save you from the boredom.

Fast forward to 2012, when I found CrossFit. I immediately loved the intensity and skill behind the movements but my body did not. I couldn’t squat below parallel, my arms barely went past my ears and ankles cracked every time I jumped on a box. It was long before I realized I was going to need to put some major dedication into my range of motion.

Now it’s 2018, I have been injury free for a few years! I squat more, press more and run faster than I ever have in my life. I can also bend down and touch my toes, lay back in a full saddle position and get into stretches I never thought possible.

Stretching What changed? I simply implemented 10 – 15 minutes of stretching every morning before work. I’ve never felt so good! It’s the best part of my morning and it aids me in continuing to live an active healthy lifestyle.

Just like any great training program, there should be balance. If you are not stretching you are not creating balance from the stress you put on your body daily. Want to have great form? Prevent injuries? Be able bend over to pick up something without hurting? The solution is simple, stretch. Your body will thank you!

Here’s an easy routine you can follow:

1 minute Dragon stretch on each leg (hip flexor stretch)

1 minute pigeon stretch on each side  (glute/ IT band stretch, quad)

1 minute Child’s Pose (lower back quads shoulders)

2 minute Saddle Stretch ( ankles, quad, back)

1 minute Standing Straddle stretch (groin, hamstring, calves)

2 minute Standing forward fold stretch (lower back, hamstrings, calves)

Coach Danielle