Why I do “Murph” and why you should too!

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As many of you know, Monday is Memorial Day and for the Crossfit community that means it is the day we will do the hero WOD, “Murph”. Some of you have done it before, and some of you have not. If you don’t know the full story behind Murph, I encourage you to go check it out. I want this community to remember WHY we are doing this together. Our men and women in uniform do not fight alone and neither do we.

Some of you are excited about it, while some of you are probably more intimidated than anything. I am going to be honest, I fall into the category of the ladder. Quite frankly, Murph has always scared the living day lights out of me. Why? Because it amplifies every weakness I have ever had. It is long, it involves running, there are what seems like a million reps, and it flat out puts you straight into the pain cave. To top it off, if you’re deciding to complete it RX’ed… you’re encouraged to strap on a 14lb or 20lb weighted vest!

I want you all to know that it is okay to be intimidated by this workout because it is supposed to be a test of character. It was meant to challenge you. It is supposed to be a reminder of what our brave souls go through on almost a daily basis while overseas protecting our freedoms.

One of my best friends, Staff Sergeant Zachary Simile, is a Reconnaissance Marine currently stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. Zach just celebrated his 9 year anniversary with the Marine Corps and just recommitted to 3 more years. I had asked him if he would send me a 1stRecon patch to wear on my vest to honor him and his Battalion while doing this workout. I wanted to share with you all what he sent me.

The letter reads “Here you go girl. That American flag patch was my buddy’s that he wore in Afghanistan, then he gave it to me for good luck on my deployments. It has been to the following countries: Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Guam, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, and Thailand. Good luck and I know you’ll kick ass! Hope these bring you luck! Love you and Miss you! – Zach”

This was a game changer for me. This was the reminder I needed to suck it up, throw on that vest, and do what I do. I hope that this can also serve as a motivator to you as well. We can suffer for an hour or so to honor those who have fallen, and we will do it together, as a community. Scared or not, I want to encourage every one of you to show up on Monday morning ready to put in work. As always, Murph can be scaled for all ability levels. There are no excuses.

See y’all Monday morning at 0900.

Stay Strong,

Coach Katie