Mobility Tools and Self Maintenance

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We all love the results of working out.  Stronger, faster, more energy!  All great stuff.  However, there’s more to fitness that just getting sore and out of breath.

The other part I’m talking about today is self maintenance.  You know, taking care of yourself!

More specifically, we’re going to take all those tools you see at the gym.  There’s the little balls in the bucket, the white rolling sticks, and the foam rollers.  The purpose of all these tools is similar.

You’ve got skin and muscle.  What’s between those is called facia.  It allows the skin to slide over the muscle.  However, with training or injury, the facia can become matted down.  That’s where these tools come in.

The facia will release under the right pressure.  Think of the tissue as being stuck and you’ve got to slowly unglue it.  Using the tools to target the area and slowly release the area.

If you’d like more instruction on how to use the tools on a specific area, just ask a coach!

For those of you looking for tools to use at home, I recommend a foam roller and a few lacrosse balls.  Personally I’ve been using Deep Recovery system with some great success!

The key is consistency. Use them. Often. As in all time!

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Coach J.J.