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If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of Jocko Willink.  He’s the former unit leader of SEAL Team 3 (Bruiser), which saw some of the heaviest action in Iraq.  There he grew his leadership tactics.  After leaving the military, Jocko used what he learned to help people and businesses.

One of his main lessons (and the title of one of his books) is extreme ownership.  Taking ownership for your decisions and actions.  Not blaming others or circumstances.  It’s a trait that was hard for me to learn.  I struggled to let go of the excuses.  I really struggled to stop blaming others.  Now I get it.  It’s on me.

The lesson is one tied closely to health and fitness.  You have to own it.  Missing workouts, eating poorly, not getting sleep.  That’s you.  When your on track, getting great workouts, eating well and feeling great.  That’s also on you.

I get it.  Life is busy and difficult. However, the biggest step towards your goals is taking ownership of them.  Whether you have to wake up early to workout or you have to meal prep on your day off.  Those are your decision and actions.  Own them.

So next time you fall off the path towards your health and fitness goals, tell yourself and the people who care about your (if your a Torva member, that means tell your coach and community!) that it was your fault but you’re already taking action to correct it.

Just as importantly, next time you achieve a goal, credit yourself.  YOU made it happen!

This can be a difficult mindset to adapt, but it works in the workplace, at home, and definitely in the gym.

Now, as Jocko would say, Get After It!

Coach J.J.