Should I Workout When I’m Sick?

J.J. Blog

It happens.  It did happen.  I was doing the best to avoid the flu as it hit home but I woke up early in the Working out sick morning, tried to clear my throat, and felt it.  The first signs of what was to come.

So what better topic to cover while recovering than being sick and working out?

First of all, if you are contagious, don’t go to the gym. Even the cleanest gyms can still lead to spreading and no one wants that!

Now on to the real question of if and when you should workout.  The answer is don’t workout while sick.

“Sweating it out” is a myth! In fact, you’re likely to make it worse.  You’re body tries to focus it’s best healing on your illness.  If you workout, your body now has to worry about getting you recovered from that as well as your illness.

If you’ve been sick, you may not have eaten your normal calories or be fully hydrated.  Both of these are bad for training.

Don’t stress out about it.  You’re not all of sudden going to lose you fitness in a few days.  In fact, take the time as a workout recovery period!

Of course, the best idea to avoid getting sick in the first place. Well guess what? Exercise and nutrition can do that too!

Stay Well Friends!

Coach J.J.