Why Is Nutrition Important?

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Nutrition is the missing link in many training programs. We have all hear that “abs are made in the kitchen” and the reality is your food will either work for you or against you depending on what you chose to eat. Regardless of your goal, if your body is not fueled properly, it is nearly impossible to attain it.

Weight Loss

If your goal is weight loss, nutrition is 80% of the equation, meaning that weight loss through exercise alone is not impossible, but typically very difficult to attain. Don’t quit your gym membership just yet though, once you lose weight, maintaining that weight loss depends tremendously on your muscle mass and activity. Learning a healthy balance of food and macros throughout the day allows you to lose weight without being hungry all day and even allowing room for enjoyment.


Looking to perform better at the gym? Poorly fueled workouts tend show a reduction in performance of about 10%. Likewise, proper fueling during recovery from your workouts affects the next 72 hours of exercise performance. Meaning poor fueling really can bring your scores down all week. If you are not timing your macronutrients (and/or tracking!) to fuel your workouts and recovery you are likely leaving some gains on the table.

Don’t let all of your efforts at the gym be inhibited with poor nutrition. 

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