Beth’s Story: Overcoming

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When people look at me, they may see Beth the skydiver, a fearless chick. Honestly, the truth is that the whole reason why I started CrossFit was because I was afraid.  I could say that I can’t do CrossFit because I’ve had three ACL reconstructions and have very little remaining cartilage in my right knee. I could say CrossFit isn’t a possibility for me because I have a medical condition called neurocardiogenic syncope and vigorous exercise can cause me to pass out.

Because of these medical issues, I was afraid to try CrossFit. I had always been the person to stay inside her comfort zone, and saying, “No,” was second-nature. I tend to be a worrier who lives by the motto, “Better safe than sorry.” About 7 years ago, I had an epiphany. I was in a situation where I was afraid to do something and someone said to me, “Are you afraid that you’ll catch on fire?” I was so shocked because they were right! I was holding myself back from living my life and ignoring the possibility of things going right.

I finally understood that the fear we feel that holds us back will never go away. That’s ok to feel that  fear, as long as it doesn’t stop us from realizing our potential and doing great things! I made of list of stuff that I fear the most and started doing them. CrossFit was one of those things.

So here I am. The orthopedic doctor told me that I’d never run again. The cardiologist told me that I shouldn’t be doing intense exercise. I prove them wrong. Now my motto is, “Feel the fear, do it anyway.”


Beth has been a member of CrossFit Torva for over a year and is a regular at the 8:30 AM class