Elena’s Story: Finding an Outlet

J.J. Blog, Client Stories

Last November I walked into CrossFit Torva battling depression –  I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that I needed an outlet. As a washed up college athlete, I struggled to fill the void.  

My life had been consumed by a sport. My teammates and coaches held me accountable. When it was all over, I didn’t know how to work out on my own. The motivation was totally different. I could just quit running and there were no consequences.  The way my college career ended it felt like the jersey was ripped from my hands. I was told my body would never be like it was before the accident. That was the peak of athletic ability. In rehab I was doing things like learning how to walk, so it seemed like it was true.

CrossFit Torva gave me strength. I don’t just mean the kind of strength from picking weight up and putting it back down. It is a different kind of strength. I can’t describe it very well, but I can tell you when I feel it. Seconds after the workout ends, I look up. I exhale. My chest rises and falls. My mind goes to the same place every time. It tells me that I get to do this again tomorrow. I don’t mean it in angst or a sense of dread.  I mean that no matter my time, or how I felt I did, I will have a chance tomorrow.  

It’s an hour a day where my thoughts don’t consume me, and I think only about the task at hand. I haven’t won the battle, but you guys have made the fight easier. If I knew that’s what was offered at this gym, I probably would have joined sooner.

– CrossFit Torva Member Elena