A Letter From Torva Member Jason L.

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If one does a simple query of the crossfit.com website, one will find 13,300 results referencing “family” and 6,580 results referencing “culture.” As cliché as it may be becoming, what you will find in a CrossFit gym is a unique culture very much resembling the elements of a family structure. CrossFit Torva exemplifies the foundational philosophy of CrossFit culture by creating a familial atmosphere.

Over the course of a year I have seen tremendous improvement in movement techniques, strength and speed. Sure, I’ve put in the work, I’ve changed my diet, but fundamentally I have received the very best in coaching. Every coach at Torva brings with them a different background, but what remains consistent is the emphasis on technique, safety and progression. If I have improved its because JJ and the other coaches carefully analyze each movement and make pointed adjustments. Anyone can convey information, but not everyone can teach – at Torva you truly learn.

Whether you’re big, small, male, female, young or old CrossFit Torva has a place for you. I highly encourage anyone to check them out. Don’t be intimidated, beneath those sweaty brows laboring under the weight of a thruster are nothing but smiling faces.

There are many gym and fitness options in Dallas, but if you are looking for a perfect balance of quality instruction, a familial atmosphere and most importantly results, CrossFit Torva is hands down the gym to join.


Jason L.

CrossFit Torva Member