Ty Wallace: Chasing Progress

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I came across Torva when I saw the New You Challenge pop up on my Facebook feed. I figured I’d take a look and see what it was about. Met with JJ a couple days later and got to start the challenge the next week. I knew I was hooked after the 1st week.

Walking in to class that first morning was exciting. I didn’t really have any expectations of what Crossfit could do for me. I just knew I would work hard at what JJ programmed and change my eating habits as the coaches suggested. All the coaches were helpful from day one and willing to take the time to answer questions about anything. The facility and people who workout at Torva are awesome and have been since my first day there.

The first milestone I hit at Torva was getting my first pull-up…ever. I did ring rows (A progression for pull-ups) for almost 3 months, talked to countless other members during that time trying to figure out how to get my big ass above the bar and finally get my chin over that bar. One day I just tried it and not long after that I was able to get chest-to-bars.

Now, I pretty much work on everything I want to get better at and the movements that elude me or I have trouble with. Handstand push-ups and bar muscle ups are something I will get this year. Slowly but surely I’m increasing my strength and form with the lifts we do. Overhead squats and snatches are still hard for me, but I work on technique when I have time since my mobility is what hinders me the most with those two. I wouldn’t say I’m in a real big hurry to check all these things off my list because I’ve learned that fitness, like Rome, is not built in a day. It’s going to take time for me to get to where I think I want to be and then I’ll just try to do more and extend what I think I’m capable of.

My favorite memory from Torva is knocking a 1:25 off my Fran time (a benchmark CrossFit workout) recently and then even more recently clean, deadlift, and squat personal records that I’ve been having almost weekly. It’s always memorable when I’m able to finish a workout faster than I thought I could, doing more rounds than I expected, or getting through weights heavier than I thought I could do.

– CrossFit Torva Member Ty Wallace