Lisa Cheng: Finding a New Family

J.J. Blog, Client Stories

I never really knew what CrossFit was all about. I’ve been to boot camp style classes and got into powerlifting movements, but I was tired of working out on my own and wanted more of a group setting. A couple of friends suggest that I try CrossFit, recommended CrossFit Torva and rest is history!

The first class I attended was at 6:00PM and the class had a few people in it. I was a bit intimated at first, but I thought I’m here, I might as well give it a shot. Coach JJ and Danielle were very welcoming and took the time to educate me on the movements that were being done on that day.  They coached me along the way, which ensured that my first experience with Torva was a good one and I’ve been here ever since!

My first bright spot was completing the CrossFit Open with only a few weeks of CrossFit under my belt. I was nervous, anxious, and doubtful that I would even finish each WOD that was thrown out to us, but the comradery of everyone felt amazing and helped me push through my fears.

With a year under my belt, I am now working on getting a muscle up, double-unders, snatching and clean technique, and handstand walks. Personally, this environment has helped me work on my nutrition as well to make sure I am fueling my body the correct way to stay stronger and recover faster.

My favorite part of Torva is meeting new people and making new friendships.  I enjoy watching them grow as an athlete and improve their overall well-being; helping each other push through everything even when it gets tough inside and outside the gym.  We are a big family that I am happy to have in my life!