Can Anyone Really Do CrossFit?

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Can Anyone Really Do CrossFit?

If you’ve heard of CrossFit, you’ve probably wondered if you can do it.  An internet search of “CrossFit” brings up videos and images of super lean young people with big weights over their heads and doing crazy things on gymnastic rings.  However, you’ve also heard from people who do CrossFit or websites (like this one) that anyone can do it.

Universally Scalable

First of all, yes anyone can do CrossFit.  From grandparents to Olympic athletes and from the immobile to the athletic.  That’s the beauty of the training program and why there are 14,000 affiliate gyms (and thousands of knock-off wannabe’s).  If only the super fit could do CrossFit, that wouldn’t be the case.

CrossFit is universally scalable.  That means that all of the workouts can be modified to fit each individual athlete’s needs.  While one person may be doing a step up to a platform just a few inches off the ground, another may be doing a step-up to a 12-inch box, while still another is doing a 30-inch box jump.  Each athlete is working at a level that is just challenging enough to make positive change.

Anyone can do CrossFit but CrossFit is not for everyone.

Some of the most amazing stories  come not from those super fit people on the internet but those who overcome the odds.  We’ve seen double amputees do things no one thought was possible.  We’ve seen cancer patients do things their families can’t believe.  We seen countless people everyday do things they never imagined they could do.

However, a group class may not be for everyone.  Some people may enjoy private training more.  Others may want to focus more on certain areas such as weightlifting or endurance training and that’s OK! At Torva, we offer a variety of private coaching packages and specialty programs as well!

If you’d like to learn more about CrossFit and the different programs offered a Torva, book a free, “No-Sweat” Intro.  This is 1-on-1 talk with an experienced coach about your individual needs and goals.  We love to talk health fitness so bring your questions!

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